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Learn Everything about Payments from 0 to Advanced… in a simple way

Learn everything there is to know about payments, how to make & save money with it, and how to become better at your job & business with the #1 bestselling author of The Anatomy of the Swipe.

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Who is this course for?

You just got a job at a hot fintech or payments company and want to know what the heck is happening and how you can better help

You are a Startup Founder in the fintech space, and you want to learn how payments will impact your business in an meaningful way

You want to close your next deal with a fintech company and want to get a better understanding of their business model

Who am I?

Ahmed Siddiqui

Founder, instructor, author

  • Founding Member of 2 billion dollar fintech startups - Marqeta and Branch
  • Helped over 12,000 people get started in payments
  • #1 bestselling author with The Anatomy of the Swipe

When I started out in fintech in Silicon Valley, payments was a black box - there was nowhere you can learn from.

10 years later - not much has changed. Payments is still too complex for people to try to learn it.

That’s what I’m changing with my book and this course - making payments simple for everyone.

Learn Payments in a Simple Way

Here's what you’ll learn

Payments Ecosystem Overview

  • Learn about all of the different players in the payments ecosystem, and bring it into a real life situation you can relate with.
  • We'll go through all of the 12 elements of the Payments Ecosystem including Issuers, Merchants, Banks, and Card Networks.
  • We'll explore the biggest players in the space (Stripe, Square, Chime, etc.), how they work, and how they make money.

Money Movement

  • We'll talk about how money actually moves. What happens at time of authorization, and what happens at time of clearing.
  • What is the role of the banks and networks?
  • Discuss timing of money movement and what types of opportunities could exist because of this timing.
  • Challenges with moving money in real time

Card Types and Merchant Types

You'll be able to distinguish between the following card types:

  • Credit vs. Debit
  • Commercial vs. Consumer
  • Durbin vs. Durbin Exempt


You'll be able to distinguish between the following merchant types:

  • Online vs. Offline
  • Interchange Fixed Pricing vs. Interchange Plus Pricing
  • High Risk vs. Low Risk


Thus, you’ll know how to reduce your payment and transfer costs by up to 67% and reduce the transfer wait time to only 1 day.

Revenue Models in Payments

We'll discuss how all parts of the ecosystem make money:

  • What is the motivation of the merchant?
  • What is the motivation of the merchant processor?
  • What is the motivation of the card issuer?
  • What is the motivation of the card network?


We'll also walk through the Payments Mocha and how revenue is made for all parts of the payments ecosystem.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to close more deals and partnerships and also develop new revenue sources for your business.

Anti-Fraud Measures

  • The primary types of fraud and how they’re done
  • How to detect fraud by following the User Behaviour
  • How to prevent fraud as a consumer and as a merchant
  • How to prevent & handle Chargebacks

You’ll be able to protect yourself from fraud, implement anti-fraud measures in your startup, and lower your costs (chargebacks cost $25-50 each)

Card Tips

  • How credit card rewards work behind the scenes
  • How to get the most out of your credit card rewards
  • How Apple & Google Pay work + Apple credit card
  • How Virtual Cards work and how you can issue them

Bank Transfers

  • Learn how ACH/direct debit works, with a real employer → employee payroll example
  • 5 reasons why ACH is so common
  • Learn how Chime and other neobanks deliver payroll 1-3 days faster
  • Faster alternatives to ACH - RTP, FedNow, TCH
  • How to send money internationally with Wire Transfers

Learn all of this and more

"Best Payments Course Out There"

Bonus #1

Collectors edition of my #1 bestselling book + ebook + audiobook

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  • I’ll ship a physical collectors edition copy of The Anatomy of the Swipe, which is a #1 bestselling book read by over 12,000 people from Visa, Mastercard, Marqeta, Plaid, JP Morgan, and many others

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  • You’ll also get instant access to the ebook and audiobook versions of the book

Bonus #2

Priority email support for 3 months

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  • If you have any questions during or up to 3 months after the cohort, just shoot us an email to a dedicated email address and we’ll reply asap

  • Get unlimited access to us, ask how many questions you want and get help immediately with anything you’re facing

Bonus #3

Payments crash course

Value: $175.63

  • 4 creative ways to make money with payments

  • Learn how I built 2 billion dollar fintech companies

  • 3 innovative case studies and examples of how payments helped improve people’s lives

  • Get a quick broad overview of the payments ecosystem in only 30 min

  • My top 5 lessons I learned in my journey from 0 to expert in payments

Bonus #4

Anatomy of the Swipe Community

Value: $356.14

  • Get to know and network with tens of people from Visa, Mastercard, JP Morgan, Checkout.com, Block and many more.

  • We and our students are active in the community, replying to any questions you might have and helping you get unstuck

Bonus #5

200+ PDF Resources, Guides & Checklists

Value: $1995.52

  • Get resources for each lesson, relevant slides, statistics, and additional information

  • A list of the best deals for each product and service which can save up to 67% of your payment costs

  • Discover what each major payments company does and how it can help you

  • How to reduce the time you get the money in your bank account to only 1 day

  • Get guides and illustrations of how the whole payments industry and its biggest companies work

  • Use a Revenue Calculator that shows exactly how much you’ll pay or receive for each transaction as a merchant, consumer, issuer, or bank.

Bonus #6

Crypto Payments Video Course

Value: $251.20

  • Learn how the Blockchain works, Proof or Work, Proof of Stake

  • 9 use cases when you’d better use crypto for faster and cheaper payments

  • How to pay with crypto in any store with crypto debit & credit cards

Bonus #7

30+ Fintech Case Studies

Value: $445.60

  • Learn how successful fintech startups started and grew their business to billions of users

  • Discover the benefits and drawbacks of using common finance apps

  • Learn from the best payment implementations, like the Starbucks Reward Program

Bonus #8

Job & Business Tips

Value: $783.20

  • Learn how to Apply and Get a Job in fintech

  • Key insights on how to get and be better at your job as a product manager, engineer, operations, sales, and customer support

  • How to start a fintech startup + my personal tips

  • Discover the top opportunities in the field

  • Reduce processing costs and transfer time in your business

Bonus #9

Certificate of Completion

Value: $65.85

  • When you finish the course, you’ll get a custom certificate of completion

  • You can show off your certificate on LinkedIn or your CV

"Best Payments Course Out There"

Here’s everything you get

✔️ The Academy of the Swipe video course - Value $997.00

✔️ 131 video lessons with resources

✔️ 10 hours of video content

✔️ Collectors edition book + eBook + audiobook - Value $216.98

✔️ Priority support 3m - Value $141.85

✔️ Payments crash course - Value $175.63

✔️ Community - Value $356.14

✔️ 200+ PDF Resources - Value $1995.52

✔️ Crypto Payments Course - Value $251.20

✔️ 16 Fintech Case Studies - Value $445.60

✔️ Job & Business Tips - Value $783.20

✔️ Certificate of Completion - Value $65.85

✔️ 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


Total Value: $5428.97

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